We import Bamboo Flooring according to your specifications at wholesale prices.  Some products are kept in stock, others can be ordered and delivered in 6 weeks.

 Priced from R345/sqm ... 

Bamboo Flooring - Strand Woven, 15mm, A Grade, click in type ... from R345/sqm

Our market is the retail/contractors sector and thus minimum order quantities apply.

Go Green with Bamboo Flooring ... 

Environmentally Friendly Aspect ...
Hardwoods have historically been the principle building material for both the developed and developing economies and societies on our plant and the global forest is gradually being depleted.

Bamboo is a durable and easily renewable resource.  It is a naturally beautiful and fast growing alternative to our limited global supply of "slow growth" hardwoods.  

Bamboo is the perfect alternative to hardwoods and this will allow global forests to regenerate in a natural manner.  

In addition, Mao Bamboo cultivation benefits the environment in the following ways:-

- The broad root structure of Mao Bamboo stabilizes topsoil and prevents erosion.  

- Bamboo cultivation requires very little supervision and is not a labour-intensive crop.  

- 100% of the bamboo plant is utilized for products including air cleaners, cooking utensils, textiles, foods, charcoal, resins and adhesives.

About us and our service to you ...

We have been in the import business for 6 years and can offer you wholesale prices on a wide range of quality Bamboo Flooring.

If we don't have it in stock we will order it for you !!


Let us know your requirements and we will inform you of availability and price thereof.




                               Contact us: info@cfmagencies.co.za | Tel. 084 581 3849

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